Acoustic ceiling

Whether it is in tense ceiling, in acoustic box or still in partition, our products are customizable by impression(printing) (photos, logos) and speak easily.

Acoustic ceiling

Allowing you to minimize the distribution of the noise in every types(chaps) of environments (open-strange, theater, restaurants, canteen, sporting room, lives, cafeteria).

  • our products possess a hypermarket (large surface) of absorption

  • they are insensible in the humidity, in the chlorine and in the microorganisms​

Stretch ceiling

Protection and safety, building improvements, control of sound levels, savings on heating, control of room temperatures, etc.

Technical textiles, available in a large number of colours, they can improve and brighten up reception and presentation areas in complete safety (M1 and M2 fire resistance classification).

Our creations

Interested ?

We create tailor-made stretch ceilings, partitions and sound insulation tailored to your needs (various colours, with your logo included, etc.).

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