The design of the fitted sunshades is inspired by the light, floating shapes of sails on boats. It is an original solution for sun protection, an innovative and aesthetic way to protect yourself from the sun and to make your home more attractive.

Upmarket exterior structure

Elegant, modern, functional and distinguished, the interplay of the triangular sails provides endless flexibility in the design and colours for adapting itself to all environments.

Précontraint® (pre-stressed) Technology

Manufactured using the exclusive patented Précontraint® (pre-stressed) technology, the Ferrari textiles are kept under tension throughout the manufacturing process, which guarantees a perfect flatness and exceptional strength.
The textile does not stretch, does not lose its shape and does not tear whatever stress it is put under.

The technical advantages of Soltis® and Précontraint® Color Design.

They combine several advantages:

• incomparable mechanical strength
• exceptional dimensional stability
• protection against heat and UV rays
• wide range of colours: over a 100 to choose from
• colours do not fade over time
• easy maintenance


Below are samples of our fabrics used for shade sails:



Our creations

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