1. By placing an order, the customer confirms his/her full acceptance without reservation of these general terms and conditions, and therefore cannot invoke his/her own terms and conditions of purchase or payment, even if these appear in his/her order confirmation or any other document.


In addition, the customer confirms that s/he has read and is fully aware of our “Personal Data Protection Policy” available on our website www.technique-voile.be and consents to the collection and processing of his/her personal data in accordance with this policy.


2. Unless otherwise specifically agreed, the delay in delivery times cannot give rise to any compensation or cancellation of the order, and particularly in the case of force majeure or event conducive to delaying or suspending the delivery of the goods.


3. Our supplies, even if agreed to be free of charge, travel at the risk of the recipient, who is responsible, in the event of damage or loss, for making all reservations and to exercise any remedies against carriers solely liable.


4. The customer will be fully empowered to accept the supplies at the time of delivery. It is his/her responsibility at this time to taken full liability for them, after checking them.


5. Claims concerning the quality of the goods, except for any transport dispute, should be made in writing no later than 8 days from delivery.


6. No return of goods may be made without our written consent, without this consent implying any acknowledgement.


7. Our invoices are payable in cash or by draft, after prior agreement.


8. Any sum which remains unpaid when due shall ipso jure bear interest at the agreed rate of 10% per annum without prior formal notice.


9. In the event of non-payment of an invoice when it falls due, the latter will automatically, without prior notice and ipso jure, have an agreed, fixed-sum and irreducible fee added to it in the amount of 10%, with a minimum of € 50, without prejudice to the agreed interest stipulated in article 8.


10. In the event that drafts have time extensions, the costs and interest resulting from these time extensions will be at the purchaser’s expense.


11. When we consider that the purchaser's credit is deteriorating, we reserve the right, even after shipment of an order, to require guarantees from the purchaser which we deem reasonable in view of the proper performance of the undertakings made. Refusal to comply entitles us to cancel all or part of the contract.


12. In the event of a dispute, solely the Liège courts will have jurisdiction.


13. In the event of non-payment, the vendor may cancel the sale ipso jure and without warning by sending a simple registered letter.


14. The goods shall remain the property of the vendor until the full price is paid. All risks, losses and deterioration, even for unforeseeable circumstances, act by a stranger or force majeure, shall be at the expense of the purchasers.


15. The risks are borne by the purchaser.


16. Non-payment of a single invoice when it falls due shall ipso jure make the balance due on all other invoices payable.